An Exhibition by Martin Cameron

An Exhibition by Martin Cameron

FREE ENTRY- Foyer Gallery open between 10am - 4pm Monday - Sat

Originally schooled in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, Martin has spent many years as a London-based studio photographer in the commercial fields of advertising, corporate and editorial work.  Now living in Grantham, Lincolnshire, he has moved out of the rigid studio environment enjoying the freedom to travel and photograph people and places.  He also holds legal qualifications specialising in commercial and copyright law and has worked as an advisor to the Association of Photographers in London. 

Martin still undertakes commissions although he mainly shoots images for exhibition prints and stock photography.  He prefers to show the world as he finds it and does not create composite images or use digital colour enhancing; what you see is more or less what the camera saw.  Martin’s work is held in private collections internationally as well as in the UK.  Local venues, which have exhibited his work, include Lincoln’s Sam Scorer Gallery, Sleaford’s Carre Gallery, the National Centre for Craft and Design, Grantham Museum and Stamford Arts Centre.

In this exhibition Martin presents a collection of images concentrating on architectural detail.  While some of the images have been taken while on foreign assignments there are also some shots taken on trips to fairly local venues.



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